What did we learn during our training called “CommunicAction” this weekend?
That the best way to learn is hands-on practice!
Our Saturday was dedicated to the importance of media literacy in the digital age and, even though we did not exhaust the matter, we understood how it affects our everyday life, our views and decisions. By playing an interactive fun game, we quickly realised how easy it is to circulate fake news and, consequently, we acknowledged the significance of critical thinking.
We spent Sunday out in the sun divided in two groups, one focused on video-making and one in photography.
Our chosen theme of both workshops was sustainability and the necessity of caring for nature 🌱 The video group shot a short film at CoLab House, raising awareness on water waste and what we can do to prevent it, while the photography team told a story through pictures about the dangers fallen tree branches could pose.
Take a look at our awesome photos and let us know how you find them!