Once upon a time people from the four kingdoms gathered in one miraculous place, called Palermo. To enter the paradise you had to enter the gate which was so old that even dinosaurs couldn’t remember when it was built. Well, actually it was built in 1583, but who cares, right? However, the entering part was the easiest one. The harder thing to do was completing the challenges that these Erasmians(+) had to face.






After they entered the gate they saw this little tiny winky monsters that we are used to call people, and they were arguing passionately in the corners of this chaotic narrow streets, but they were also crossing each others souls just like ants as if  they have locked themselves in this world




And suddenly a wild, charming and amusing Padrino had fell out of heaven and dropped some spark…
…spark on two randomly chosen ladies from another country and this ones, oh such demons they had inside of them that could hear this loud songs from these other bricks on the wall.
And they didn’t want to waste time with people that not had flame inside of them to tan they re milky skin, so they caught a ride on an Ape, not for a honeymoon of course, but to meet the guy of their dreams.
he was so and so mixed with cappuccino on the skin, that these girls had to broken the first Italian big and mandatory rule of not drinking cappuccino after 11AM. WHAT A FUCKIN LUCKY BASTARD
Of course they were tasting this typical street food that dinosaurs were not able to cook because they had this small arms that could not reach anywhere. not even themselves. mu ah ahhahh. Obviously they didn’t want to eat that monstrous food but in order to enter the Palermian Garden of Eden they had to do it. Some people said it will be delicious. Well, it was disgusting.


However, conquering the fear of eating those monsters led them to visiting that miraculous garden




Not only could we see the palm trees in the gardens that Lithuanians are so amused with them, but also we could see extraordinary trees with the roots bigger than the trees themselves. Although they were attractively looking, the trees weren’t so friendly, because they tried to pull the princess into the depths of the tree
But you know, the princess was very lucky because the monster in two rolling legs which in 21st century were called bikes saved her from the trouble just in one phrase: “Let her go, you motherfucker”.
And, still with butterflies in her stomach that had paralyzed her sense of vision, she now became attracted with another kind of roots. BEARD ROOTS
She thought, for an instance, that she could climb that beard and kiss the forehead like her mother used to do it. but she actually fell in love with another type of roots. NEST ROOTS. this time, she wanted to took a bath in a tub that this guys were filling up with some sort of poison from a really weird part of they’re shaped and sculptured body that could renew her, and she became addicted with this shelter.


And so, she wanted more and more, and she dove herself on the river that would lead her to the golden ages of youth.
She had that vision in her mind of a palm tree that was just a reflector and just a reflector, and she wanted to go to the other side, because she had something to hide
She caught the boat searching for the light that lead to the stairs to majestic heaven.
The night was falling down, dinosaurs and monsters walked slowly around the city, someone searching for love


Whereas others looking for excitements giving by psychedelic music in helling concerts.


And the whole pieces of one week were scattered all around the floor, and even though they were suffering from long term sleep deprivation they chose not randomly shoot and we took a selfie instead to save this extensions of time that do not know the habits of space reality.
The end


*Video realizzato dai partecipanti di Youthography e facente parte del final work del progetto