you&me youth exchange palermo eramsus plusIt has just finished YOU. & M.E., Youth and Media in Europe, the youth exchange financed by European programme Erasmus+, key action 1. The project allowed to 28 youngsters from Italy, Hungary, France, Estonia, Gambia and Ghana to meet, get know each other and collaborate, focusing on topics such as communication, information, journalism and integration in Europe.

Objective of the exchange is the analysis and the comprehension of how information influences the perception of minorities. The project, that began on 22nd of February  and finished on 1st of March, has been developed in partnership with the Estonian organization Seiklejate Vennaskond, Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée from France and Fekete Sereg from Hungary. With a series of non formal activities like brainstormings, mindmaps and role-play games, participants analyzed European media’s messages, the importance of use of words and how a misrepresentation of reality could affects perception and integration of minorities and all groups who faces discrimination in Europe.

The exchange took place in Casa Montana di Valle Maria in Godrano (PA) and in the city of Palermo where guys played activities and interacted with local communities. The final work has been a video vademecum with 8 golden rules for a good communication in Europe. The document has been written in English and translated in all languages “present” in the exchange such as Italian, Estonian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Ghanaian and French.

Here it is the 8 golden rules and a photogallery



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