This is the story of Tell Me Euromed…this is the way in which an ancient storyteller could start telling our youth exchange. Oral tradition, music, blog, storytelling, 28 youngsters from Egypt, France, Italy and Spain. These were the ingredients of Tell Me Euromed, the youth exchange financed by European programme Erasmus+ key action 1.

Everything has begun on January 19 in Godrano, where participants met to share their passion for storytelling and oral tradition in the Mediterranean area. Day after day, activity after activity, the group explored the world of Tell Me Euromed, creating the modern voice of modern storytellers: a blog.

After 9 days of hard work and fun, all the participants contributed with their contents, photos and video to the creation of a blog that was put online during a final event in Palermo that has been enriched by the music of Matilde Politi, one of the most important sicilian folk singer.

Not only the creation of a webpage, the outcomes of the project has been various: exchage of good practices, share experience from different cultures, improve english and storytelling skills, this is what Tell Me Euromed has left to boys and girls who participate. And, last but not least, 28 new friends!



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