IDOCFLYERWEB-01-01-01iDoc is a 09-day youth exchange supported by European Commission and implemented by Ang (Agenzia Nazionale Giovani) under Key Action 1 of the Erasmus + programme that will be held in Palermo (Italy) in May 2015 in partnership with ENO Greece.  The exchange will bring together 18 young people, interested in topics such as the environment and intercultural exchange, to live together, get to know each other and, through a series of activities based on non-formal learning work, towards the production of a short documentary film that will be shown during a final event open to the local community. Used materials will include smartphones and tablets, while activities will take place both in the city of Palermo and in various nature reserves.

  • Help young people improve their ICT skills
  • Enable the exchange of experience at a European level
  • Foster awareness of environmental issues among participants, at both a local and European level
  • Equip young people with accessible and cost-effective ICT methods and tools for promoting environmental awareness and European values at local and European level
  • Promote the active participation of young people in society

The first part of the exchange, after the presentation of the general concepts of the use of ICT for the promotion of environmental initiatives, aims to involve participants in the analysis of environmental issues at a European level.

Participants will exchange on existing issues and exchange experiences and initiatives in their respective countries. During the activities proposed, participants will also be familiarised with the use of ICT for raising awareness about environmental issues and engaging with local communities.

In the next phase the participants will be introduced to the various initiatives in the province of Palermo and encouraged to use ICT through practical exercises to express their views and engage in issues related to environmental issues. The final product – a short documentary film relating the youth exchange experience – will be shown to the local community during an event in the heart of Palermo and diffused via web and television.

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