IDOCFLYERWEB-01-01-01Everything is ready in Palermo and in Thessaloniki to get iDoc starting, a 9-days youth exchange. The project is organized by Maghweb in partnership with ENO Greece, and it will begin in just few days, on May 6th.
18 young participants from Italy and Greece will live and work together for nine days; getting know each other, sharing their experience, skills and interests in topics like ICT, filmmaking, environment, intercultural exchange thanks to a series of activities based on a non-formal and needs based approach.
Main goal of the exchange is to improve the ability to use new ICTs (Information and Communication Technology) to promote environmental protection both to a local and European level. This is why participants will used portable devices like smartphones and tablets. The exchange will take place in various nature reserves near Palermo while some activities will be carry out in the city of Palermo.

Not only environmental protection, the general objectives of the project are:
• Help young people improve their ICT skills
• Enable the exchange of experience at a European level
• Foster awareness of environmental issues among participants, at both a local and European level
• Equip young people with accessible and cost-effective ICT methods and tools for promoting environmental awareness and European values at local and European level
• Promote the active participation of young people in society


Participants will realize at the end of the exchange, as final work, a short documentary film relating the youth exchange experience. It will be also shown to the local community during an event in the heart of Palermo and diffused via web and television.

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