About Us


Maghweb is an association of social promotion which mainly deals with information and communication for international cooperation and social activities. The idea was developed in 2012 thanks to the monitoring of Italian and Spanish NGOs that at the time worked in the region of Maghreb.
Two years later, in 2014, the collective named Maghweb was officially born. Following an impulse, the desire of a new challenge, a group of communicators and journalists detaches from the traditional information and imports, shaping it according to the European context, a Latin-American model of interpretation of communication: no-profit communication.

The association aims to sustain, promote and broadcast cultural and artistic activities, cinema, documentaries and information on activities with a social impact or related to international cooperation, in particular through journalism, communication and documentary.

Maghweb offers its partnership also in order to take care of project design and implementation, especially to build and create communication and information plans, tailored on the project itself, which can strengthen the project idea.

Information, communication and broadcast of projects and activities with a social impact or related to international cooperation through any mean of communication, but with a special interest in documentaries and audiovisual products.

Issuing reportages, documentaries and taking care of the communication sector as a whole and as a means to sustain any organisation implementing projects and activities with a social impact.

Producing and developing ideas, through the project design department, in order to answer social changes.

To impulse educational processes through alternative and parallel methodologies to the formal and universally recognised educational methodologies.


We mould the light to capture colour and give shape to the shadows.
Gabriele Tramontana

Project design area. Since the beginning he has been coming up with plans to widen Maghweb’s outreach in all the continents of the World. Latinamerican addicted.

Vincenzo Allotta

Communication area. Bound to be a photographer due to his lineage, he is the mind of the audiovisual department, his life evolves through images.

Epifania Lo Presti

Communication area. Tireless communication engine in Maghweb, her mission in life is to find out and tell stories.

Peppe Grado

Graphic design. He who made possible the best thing ever happened in Maghweb: the birth of his daughter Gaia. Father of all the graphics of the team and of several partners.

Fabrizio “Felmi” Cacciatore

Project design area. The extra man: he designs projects, he translates, he records (videos and audios), he speaks 5 languages, his dialect included, locomotive.

Elisa Chillura

Communication area. Her domain is the relation with the media, the organisation of communication plans is her bread and butter.

Emilia “Emma” Esini

Project design area. The brains and the brawn behind every project proposal, her young age does not preclude managing skills and an approach worthy of a senior.

Sofia Calderone

Communication area. The camera is her work and life companion, editing is her brother. She is a new entry, but she is already a pillar of the team.

Marianna Castronovo

Graphic design. Everyday she is head-on into Illustrator, vectorial images are her means of expression. She is a new entry but she immediately became symbiotic with the team.

Vincenzo “Zio” Pennino

Communication area. Before everything even happened, he was the eye of the association. Source of learning for all the members of the video-photo department.